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A design-led approach to product development that leverages cutting-edge technologies & agile methodology, committed to put you on a path to success in the ever-changing technological landscape.

Technology has transformed the way business around the globe operate. Mobility being at the core of digital transformation has helped businesses to take advantage of contextual and real-time data in reaching out to customers, employees and partners. For the generation that is always mobile, business have to think ‘connectedness across product ecosystems’ to create products that not only meet customer needs, but also ensure that a company's product positions itself for future success.
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Our technology evangelists are dedicated to creating smart connected experiences. Innovation through simplicity is what we do best. Our experienced team of agile experts & scrum masters will not only design your product’s entire lifecycle, but will also define a system through which resource optimization can happen while building of the products.

Our openness to new ideas and ability to manage innovative projects from inception to market introduction is what ties your product to sales, marketing and financial growth. Being fully conversant with the software development lifecycle, and using our 'design-led engineering' approach, we help our client partners reduce cost, speed time to market and build applications that are visually pleasing, intuitive and reflect the changing technological landscape. We also engage in mid-life product enhancements & integrations.

  • • Front-End Development: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, React, Vue, Ember, Backbone, Knockout
  • • Native & Progressive Web Applications: Grails, Node, Java, Spring, Hibernate, Ruby, Apache Maven
  • • Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Mongo, Couch, Cassandra, HBase
  • • Mobile Applications: iOS, Android, Windows,
  • • Infrastructure Services: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud
  • • Hybrid - Ionic, React Native, Xamarin, Phone Gap, Apache Cordova, Intel® XDK
  • • Testing & Automation: Docker, Jenkins, Protractor, Selenium, Appium, Seetest Automation