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We bridge the gap between real & digital world to build delightful and intuitive experiences that increase revenues, conversion rates and customer loyalty. As they say – “God is in the details!”

Leveraging the power of modern tools and our unique approach, we solve complex design problems through user research, expert analysis, prototyping and collaborative design with users & stakeholders.
While designing User Experience, the journey for us starts in the split second when a customer lands on any of your digital properties. By understanding the needs of your users and your business goals, we approach the design process with an emotionally balanced human-centric approach. This enables us to create a smooth running process with number of linked steps that help us in delivering simple, stunning and user-centric designs that not only engage your customers but also boost your conversion rates as a by-product.
Today’s fast-paced world requires digital products to retain the attention & interest of its users on a day-to-day basis. Be it a website, a mobile application, an email campaign, a social media campaign or just an ad banner, we believe every user is unique and so should be their experience while interacting with your product/brand on online mediums.

The effectiveness of our User Experience Design is the result of a unique approach that we have developed in-house. For every design we produce, we follow a combination of multiple steps including:

Understand the product goals: Let us start from the beginning. We want to know everything that matters - your company’s vision, the product, its purpose, its USPs, your target audience and the business expectations.
Story board
Customer journey mapping: We identify the core functionality of your product, define use cases and build storyboards for each use case.
Wireframing & Prototyping
Defining the UX flow: Using tools like Adobe Experience Design, InVision and even pencil & paper, we include all features and structural assumptions as rough sketches. This process is extremely critical as it broadly defines the flow of your product before the actual designing process begins.
Visual Desigin
Designing the Interface: We present to you design strategies that include various colour schemes, style tiles, collections of typography, navigation structure & call to actions that convey your brand identity and your message to your target audience.
Usability Testing & User Feedback: We conduct user-testing sessions and perform a detailed analysis on the pre-established KPIs to understand the areas of improvement and the aberration from the desirable effect on the target audience. We then analyse all the collected data and synthesise our findings into actionable design improvements to further enhance your product.