Enigma is a collective of
Dreamers &
We operate at the intersection of Design,
Consumer Psychology, Technology & Marketing
to create
Digital Brand Experiences for the
Web of Tomorrow.

Why Us ?

We have been asked this question like a zillion times – How are you different than the other agencies out there. Well, the truth is that we were “Born Different”. We see the bigger picture, we are ambitious, we set the bar high in all facets of our work, we love what we do and most importantly, we were not made for the overpopulated plains of mediocrity. Swayed already? But we’ve got a few more reasons for why you’d want to work with us:




We don’t work for clients. We work for our brand partners. And as partners, we make sure to craft disruptive digital solutions using purposeful strategy, beautiful designs & user-centric technology that makes you a part of the very best on the web.



While we are definitely smarter than we look (it's not difficult), we pride ourselves on being humble and down-to-earth creatures. Our ethos are simple – Keep learning, Keep Growing & even when you think you’ve created the best there is, there is always room for improvement.



You might have intricate requirements but we’ve got ambition, imagination, skills and the tools to match them. That’s 4-to-1 to us. It just can’t go wrong. Can it?



An agency is only as strong as its people. Our team members come with a solid experience of working with well-known agencies, for Fortune 500 brands, running their own businesses, designing game changing products and even competing at professional level in sports.



Yes! You read that one just about right. We make magic... We just don’t do campaigns. We focus on user driven outcomes and endeavour to create meaningful connections between brands and its users. Somewhere between devising a strategy and its technical deployment, we make brands look and talk more human. Magic. Isn’t it?


It’s not just the eminence & superior quality of our work. It’s our attitude, our approach, our meticulous attention to detail, our ability to understand their business & their goals, and most of all, it’s the way we treat our clients – They walk in as clients and stay as friends! That’s why we say, we don’t work for clients, we work with our friends.