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    Branding, Website Design, Digital Marketing

Patronum is a swiss army knife for Google Workspace™ administrators. Patronum transforms the ways in which Google Workplace™ capabilities are managed by automatically performing repetitive and monotonous actions like email signature management, contact sharing, drive management, etc.

Enigma worked hand-in-hand with Patronum to envision a stunning brand identity and a website for their company.


The Story:

Paul Lees, the founder of Patronum, reached out to us with an idea that he and his development team had been working on for a while - A supercharged SaaS platform that allows Google Workspace™ administrators to save hours of tedious manual work. Paul wanted a brand identity that reflects the multi-faceted benefits of his platform, without compromising its approachable personality. The other ask was for a website that would help them scale with their growth and resonate with their target audience - larger and enterprise-level companies.

Paul had an abstract idea that he wanted to turn into something concrete. He needed help giving shape to that idea. He wanted to work with a reliable partner who could help him design the brand identity and provide expert guidance on best practices for launching and marketing a unique SaaS product.

After benchmarking the market, the competition, and inputs gathered through extensive research with key stakeholders and a sample audience, we deciphered the design brief into three basic deliverables:

  • Branding01

    Creating a brand identity that visually represents the ethos and multi-fold benefits of Patronum – The Google Workspace Manager. The brand should be modern, impactful, engaging and approachable.

  • Website02

    Translate the tool's features into a website that is user-friendly, interactive and incorporates a visual product story with improved navigation. Implement a fully responsive solution backed by WordPress CMS.

  • Marketing03

    Implement a growth strategy with the right mix of industry-leading best practices for search engines and social media platforms to help the brand gain traction and grow organically on digital mediums.

The Google workspace manager


After several iterations and discussions with the clients, a geometric logo concept was finalised. The selected artwork used four triangles to create the letter 'P.' It was based on a hexagonal shape with rounded corners. Using different shades of blue gave the minimalist logo a modern and balanced appearance. The overall identity was very modern, giving the new branding a very playful, vibrant feel.



Colour Palette

  • Hex: #0041f5

    Hex: #00b4f4

  • Hex: #ea3b52

  • Hex: #013C9F

  • Hex: #F9BC40



Website Design

After analysing all of the data collected during our interviews, audits, surveys, and studies, our team built out the UX strategy for the new site. Typography, colour palettes, and illustration styles all came together to create a cohesive brand personality.
The resulting website is optimised for conversions by incorporating a "single-click access to all information' architecture. With the best on-page practices, the website today serves as a first and last touchpoint for anyone looking to manage their Google Workspace.